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Rhyme or Reason

A survey conducted in Paris' gay neighborhood, "Le Marais", in May 2008.

To see the film, click on the picture or go to YouTube.

Cause Toujours
Cause Toujours

Festival: Madrid G & L Film Festival
Place and Time: Friday, October 31 , Lola Bar, 8 pm and Monday, November 3 , Centro Madrileno de Imagenes, 7pm

Festival: Toulouse LGBT film festival
Place: Utopia
Date and Time: Sunday, June 10, 2008, 6pm



Riché Dianne Richardson: Portrait of the artist

A 20 minute documentary about quilt artist Riché Richardson 

Riché Richardson's comments are augmented by an expert of African American quilts, Patricia Ann Turner , who was also interviewed while in Paris. Also a Professor at UC Davis, Patricia Ann Turner knows Riché as a colleague and friend. She has written Crafted Lives:
Stories and Studies of African-American Quilters
(to be published by the University of Mississippi Press in 2009), about a group of influencial African American quilters in the present cultural field, among which Riché Richardson is featured prominently.

The film evokes Riché Richardson's artistic technique  inspired by photography and the historical themes she explores. The two women talk about Josephine Baker in relation to the Venus Hottentot, Simone de Beauvoir and her feminist philosophy, Martin Luther King's humanitarian message and the politics of the Kennedy brothers, symbolically brought together by their tragic ends, the Civil Rights Movement, Rosa Parks' struggle and the Montgomery bus boycott.

Riché Richardson's and Pat Turner's words are richly illustrated by images and music related to the historical and cultural references given throughout the documentary.



Car Accidents and Other Coming Out Stories

To watch the fillm, click on the picture or go to YouTube.

Short - 8 minutes
Shot in Austin, Texas, in April 2006

Starring Gretchen Phillips and her fabulous music. Visit her website at www.gretchen-phillips.com

Un accident est si vite arrivé
Un accident est si vite arrivé

Cinéffable, November 2008

Festival: Paris International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival
Place: Le Trianon
Date and Time: Monday, November 3, at 3pm

Toulouse LGBT film festival, June 2008

Festival: Des Images aux Mots
Place: Utopia
Time: Sunday June 10th, 6pm

Paris Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, November 2007 

Festival: ffglp
Place: le Rex
Time: Saturday, November 17, 3:15pm

Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festiva, October 2007

Festival : aGLIFF
Lieu : Regal Arbor Theater
Horaire : Wednesday, October 3, 5:15pm